Spring Adult Sunday School Classes:


Scott Melson and Emeka Duruji are teaching on the book of Ephesians, meeting in Room 10/11.  They are paying close attention to the multiplicity of implications the gospel of Jesus Christ has on the church, His bride. The apostle Paul spends his time penning how Jesus is the fountainhead of all that we are and have, simply because we're united to Him. That being said, Paul's letter lays out what is true of them and us now, and how those truths are to shape how we’re to live this side of eternity.

Epistles of John

The women’s class, led by Tammy Jones, is meeting in Room 13, using Jen Wilkin's study guide on the three epistles of John. The study is called Abide. These three short letters remind us the work of Jesus is finished. We are called to love and remain steadfast--abide--in Christ.

Making Sense of God

Pastor Ben is teaching a class in the Sanctuary, using Tim Keller’s book, “Making Sense of God”. The religious landscape in the United States has shifted. While statistics helpfully show the increasing rise of the “nones” (those who are not religiously affiliated), they only solidify what we can all already feel. The landscape has shifted, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold any beliefs firmly without feeling pressure from other points of view. This ever-exploding “nova effect” of options for belief has created for Christians unique new opportunities to converse with others and present the Christian faith to the age in which we live. And yet, with these new opportunities comes the unique challenges of learning to present the Christian faith in new and more robust ways. In this class we’ll be studying the material in Dr. Timothy Keller’s book Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical as he provides us with a helpful framework for engaging skepticism in our world today. Books are available outside the Church office for those attending the class.

Inquirer's Class

Pastor Baile will be starting an Inquirer’s Class for those interested in church membership , beginning May 6th.