Winter Adult Sunday School Classes:


Dave Hawes will be leading a class on Eschatology - what the Bible tells us about the future.  Though this subject can be confusing (usually because folks make assumptions they shouldn't), Scripture has a lot to say about the future, so there must be important things the Lord does want us to know.  We will focus on the larger themes and truths and expect that as we do, it will profoundly affect our minds and hearts and guide us to more faithful thinking and living today!  We'll be using the book Christ and the Future by Cornelis Venema.  Come join us, if only to add a book to your home library from a guy named Cornelis!!!


Tammy Jones is facilitating the Women’s Study.  Please join the ladies as we begin a new year with a study of Hebrews. We will be using Jen Wilkin's study guide, Better, which will be on the table outside the office soon! Come join us as we look at the repeated reminders of our better Savior, better home, and better life.


Pastor Baile and Ruling Elders Scott Melson and Chris Wellington are going to be teaching through the book of Galatians using Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians.  The book is a gospel-centered balm for the soul that lifts the spirits as we often get weary in fighting sin and often feel defeated.  The class will be receiving the book and will be encouraged to read about 25 pages each week to keep up with the study.   Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians is a classic Christian read that has been impacting people for centuries.  John Wesley was converted reading Luther’s commentary on Romans and his brother Charles was converted reading the commentary on Galatians.  John Bunyan said: “I do prefer this book of Martin Luther on the Galatians, excepting the Holy Bible, before all books that ever I have seen, as most fit for a wounded conscience.”  You can pick up a copy of the book outside of the church office if you plan to be a part of the study.