New Adult Sunday School classes begin October 14th:

Leadership and Making Disciples

Pastor Ben and Mike Pfeiffer are teaching a class in room 10-11 on Leadership and Making Disciples.  From the first recordings of history, God has made it clear He has designed creation to be led by His covenant people. More than that, He has decided what His people are to do with that leadership. Whether you are called to lead in your home, in the marketplace, in God’s church, or in your community, if you are called by God you are called to lead others to worship the glory of God in Jesus Christ. In this course, Mike Pfeiffer and Pastor Ben will be talking about what it looks like for our church to grow in making leaders and disciples to fulfill the mission God has given to his people.

Book of Acts: Word and Prayer

Pastor Harlow and Ruling Elder Scott Melson will be teaching a class on the book of Acts with an emphasis on “word and prayer” in the sanctuary. Join us as we go back the church’s foundations in the Book of Acts. We will spend half of each class studying how Christ built the church of the 21st Century using 1st Century people with few resources who met in homes and sometimes on river banks. Then we will take the lessons learned and pray the Lord would do it again here in our church. We will look at how the early church evangelized the people around them, how they worshiped, how they organized and governed the church, how they stewarded their money, and how people from different races and ethnicities came together to share their resources and love each other as brothers and sisters in a new family called the church.

Inquirers Class

Pastor Baile is leading an Inquirers Class in room 13 (pastor Ben’s office) for those interested in learning more about our church and joining the church.  If you plan to participate in the Inquirers Class, please let the Church office know at [email protected].