New Spring Adult Sunday School classes:

Irresistible Faith

Ben Hein and Kris Marcantonio will be in the sanctuary leading a class through the book Irresistible Faith by Scott Sauls. Jesus said his followers would be salt and light to the world - a movement of redeemed individuals and a renewed community working to love the world back to life. What does it look like to have this kind of faith? Attendees should be familiar with the content in the assigned reading each week, as the class format will be focused on group thought and discussion.

Inductive Bible Study

Scott Melson will be leading a class in Room 10/11 on Inductive Bible Study through the book of Hosea.  They will be exploring God’s amazing grace through this story of Hosea’s love for his wayward wife as a picture of Christ’s love for His church.  The plan is to study a chapter each week.

The Book of Ruth

Tammy Jones will be teaching a women’s class in Room 13 (Pastor Ben’s office). They will be studying the book of Ruth, using commentaries and Scripture to glean from this rich book.