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Sunday School

One week - July 3

Christians and Technology — Oil and water?

In just the past 25 years, we have seen the introduction of the Internet, online shopping, social media, the sequencing of the human genome, smartphones, multiplayer online gaming, big data, AI, robots, blockchains, virtual reality and the metaverse, to name just a few. How should Christians respond to this deluge of paradigm-shifting new technologies? How should we lead our families and talk to our friends and colleagues about this as Christians? What does God think about all this? Please join us for a special exploration drawing from Genesis, led by Gene Sohn during the Sunday School hour at 9:30am on Sunday, July 3.

1 Kings 1-11

The Life of King Solomon

This class will be taught for adults by Pastor Baile, Dave Hawes, and Howard Quach. We will be exploring practical themes of temptation related to power, sex and money as we explore and expound I Kings 1-11.

FamilyLife Ministries

Art of Marriage

This class is for couples who believe they can and want to continue to grow their marriage throughout their lives. “Whether you’re just about to begin, or have been working on your canvas for years…with continued effort and God’s grace, your relationship is bound to become a masterpiece.” – FamilyLife Ministries. Using videos, discussion and practical tools, the class will help couples understand God’s design and plan for marriage and decide together what brush strokes they’ll add next to their emerging masterpiece. Facilitated by Dave and Marie Pasti.
Children's Sunday School

The Gospel Project

In Children Sunday School, students ages 3-12 are provided with a fun environment to learn about God’s word. Each week students will engage through interactive storytelling, activities, a craft or game, and discussions through The Gospel Project curriculum that will help the children reflect on God’s word.

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