Who We Are


Our Mission

Magnifying Jesus Christ by ministering HIs gospel to ourselves, our community, and around the world.

Shady Grove Presbyterian Church is a loving and warm church community of people of all ages who are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to serve the diverse community of Montgomery County, everyone from our elected leaders to newly-arrived non-English speaking neighbors.

Our goal is to be a church community where people seeking to serve Jesus Christ can grow in their personal walk with Him and in their ability to serve His Kingdom in our area and around the world. We have a blended worship service that mixes contemporary Scripture songs and praise choruses with the traditional hymns. Our doctrine emphasizes the sovereignty of God in all things, especially salvation. We subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and we are a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

We invite you to come and see what God is doing in our family of faith here at Shady Grove.

Church Officers

Leaders who teach, shepherd, and Serve

We believe in the Bible’s teaching regarding the “priesthood of all believers,” that all Christians should minister to, care for, and serve one another. Yet we also believe the Bible is clear that churches should select elders from within the church to provide spiritual oversight and care for the congregation. Within our denomination and Presbyterian tradition, we have a distinction between teaching elders and ruling elders. Ruling elders, collectively referred to as the Session, provide shepherding, counsel, and oversight to the church. Teaching elders are men who have been ordained specifically to the calls of preaching and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper) in addition to the call of shepherding the church.

Teaching Elders

Charlie Baile

Ruling Elders

Bruce FraserDave Hawes
Bruce WileyJohn Mitchell
Chris WellingtonScott Melson
Dan Hackenberg

In addition to the office of elder, the Scriptures direct us to appoint deacons to serve the congregation. “Deacon” comes from a Greek word meaning “servant.” Deacons are selected because they lead through their service, especially deeds of mercy ministry and care. At Shady Grove, our deacons help meet the physical needs not only of church members but also citizens in our surrounding community.


Dale Orwig Rob Peterson
Jeff Durr (on sabbatical) Schaun Norman
Jim Stewart Scott Chesemore
Mauricio Lamy Tom Webb
Mike Pfeiffer

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