While we are not exclusively a homeschool church — many of our families choose public or private schools — we do have an umbrella ministry at our church called Kingdom Ministries. Kingdom Ministries is approved by Maryland’s Board of Education and provides oversight for homeschooled students in grades K-12.

Services Provided:

  • Twice-yearly portfolio review in accordance with the law of the State of Maryland
  • Maintenance of academic records
  • Assistance, if needed, in planning a course of study
  • Liaison to the County Board of Education and to the State
  • Automatic enrollment in Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE), including free admission to their annual curriculum fair and access to their annual workshops (see website below)
  • Information on standardized testing, including College Board tests
  • Yearly reporting to Montgomery County that you are under our supervision

Specifically for High School Students:

  • We offer two tracks for high school students, the “traditional” and the “non-traditional” diploma programs (see “Resources & More Information”).
  • High school credits are awarded on the basis of completed credit contracts (see “Forms for Downloading”).
  • Our high school students have the opportunity to take the PSAT in a homeschool group setting.
  • We provide transcripts and college recommendation forms as needed.
  • Our graduates receive a diploma through us but it is given to them by their parents. We also provide a cap and gown to those who desire a more traditional graduation, while allowing graduates the flexibility to plan their own ceremony.

Support, Care, and Fellowship:

The board includes educators and former and current homeschool parents and graduates. We will get to know you and your family. We are happy to answer questions you have about homeschooling, the law, curriculum, and local homeschool activities. We will pray with you and for you, and do whatever we can to support you as you home school.

Resources & More Information:

Interested? Contact a member of the Kingdom Ministries Board: Robin Levenstein, Betsy Lokos, Anna Carr, Russ Rushton, Steve Hudson and Nathaniel Carr. Board members may be contacted at [email protected].

Forms For Downloading: