Spring Adults Sunday School Classes


Pastor Baile and Scott Melson will be continuing the study of Genesis with the life of Judah and Joseph (Gen. 37-50). They meet in the Sanctuary. The theme of both Judah and Joseph being types of Christ will be explored. They will also be exploring the rich themes of God’s sovereignty in suffering, the tension of family lies and dysfunction, and the beauty of forgiveness and reconciliation that restores the family shalom. They will be discussing a chapter a week of this amazing story.



Dave Hawes is teaching Part 2 of the book, Pilgrim's Progress, by puritan pastor John Bunyan, in Room 10/11. Written while he was in prison, the book is an allegory which pictures the Christian Life as a man's journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. It has never been out of print and is believed to be the second-most printed book of all time - behind the Bible. Charles Spurgeon said that he valued it so much he read it over a hundred times. So come join the group, if it's your first time reading it, or your hundredth!



The women's class is doing an inductive study on II Timothy using John Stott’s study guide. You don’t want to miss this! You are encouraged to join this study for great discussion, growth and fellowship. The Study is led by Tammy Jones and meets in Tom Parker’s office.